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In addition to using local materials – which serves the socio – economic conditions of Málaga well – the architects also reduced the number of communication cores found in each house, which provides economic and energy efficiency.

No stranger to collective housing, Mecanoo Architecten hits a home run with this project, mainly by always thinking about the point of views of the end-users (i.e. prospective residents), and in creating an environment specifically designed to simulate their senses. For instance, the silk drapery used throughout the rooms is custom made. Silk taffeta will be the fabric of choice in several rooms. It is a very luxurious, natural fabric made by twisting 100% silk threads into a smooth, crisp, almost glassy looking weave. Since silk taffeta often has a weave that combines silk threads of different colors, it results in a fabric that appears to change colors as it moves from any breeze creating a stunning affect. Silk, as you know is a delicate fabric, requiring lining and interlining. Lined and interlined silk drapery conserves energy and blocks light, protecting not only your drapes but also furniture, wallpaper, art, and floor coverings from the sun’s harsh rays. Thus fully functional pleated silk draperies will add not only elegance and sophistication, but also privacy to a room when drawn discretely across an open window.

Promoting innovative services and the idea of creating a new and modern neighborhood, this project is due to be completed later this year.

Completed projects deserve celebrations and recognition to as many of the individuals involved in not only the creative process, but also the actual construction. As a consequence the Netherlands-based firm Mecanoo Architecten always sends corporate gifts once the project is finished. The Mecanoo Architecten corporate hospitality liaison often selects luxury corporate gift baskets filled with products of the country or locale where the project is being built. For instance, the corporate gifts baskets for the Málaga, Spain project will include Málaga wine which is comparable to sweet port, hand-made soap based on olive oil, Spanish ceramics, beautiful hand-painted fans, exquisite mantons (shawls), and all kinds of savoury and sweet treats, including turron; the classic Xmas confection based on almonds and honey, Jamon serrano and wedges of aged and crumbly Manchego cheese. Also included will be two engraved port glasses with the date and name of the project. Corporate gift baskets will be sent to all the key players with a silver tag attached with Mecanoo Architecten logo. Our corporate gifts are just a small token of the appreciation for tremendous effect to this functional, environmentally-friendly, and socially conscious project.

Many people could take a lesson from those involved in this project. Much more must be done to usher in a new way of life if we hope to find balance with this planet. This event is working hard to bring knowledge to the community & help the entire planet move into a new era. The ideals in place throughout the organization as well as in the individuals involved are remarkable. We should all take something from the people involve with it. The world can be made into a better place if we all work together to find out how to make it that way.

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